FILER: a free file manager for Windows Mobile/CE

The program has the following features:

  • View of the file system in the form of a table (Name, Extension, Size, Date, Attr) with a possibility of sorting;
  • Possibility to navigate and operate using buttons;
  • Navigation with the tree of the file system;
  • View and editing properties of a file (Name, Size, Date (Created, Modified, Accessed), Read-only, Hidden);
  • Creation of new directories and files, their copying, renaming, moving, deletion;
  • Standard opening (execution) of files;
  • View (reading) of text files (*.txt) with a possibility to select and copy a text, with saving of a code page and a current position of a file;
  • Search of files by a name and a text.

download Filer zip (261 Kb, 05.08.2021)
download source c++ zip (241 Kb, 05.08.2021)